Votes are needed!!!

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Votes are needed!!! Empty Votes are needed!!!

Post  L2Admin on Mon 18 Feb 2008, 21:07

We don't accept donations but we accept votes, so we have decided to reward anyone who vote us. Anyone who gives us 5 votes will receive 500.000 Ancient Adena in reward. We have made a website where you can view the current status of your votes.
Don't forget that on Hopzone you can only vote once a day. The web will be updated once a day, so the reward will be automatically transfered in 1-2 days into your account in one of your characters, in wich one will be displayed on that page. After the reward is given, your vote status will begin from 1 but with a * in plus for every reward.
For the new comers i want to make clear that there is no ancient adena trader and AA is very hard to farm. With AA you can buy epic/dynasty items.

You can acces the vote status page HERE

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Votes are needed!!! Empty I can do it

Post  NCSoft on Tue 19 Feb 2008, 19:32

If i want i give you 20+votes in 1 day Smile.......but the server need more atention from staff team....

ps.Mai bine mai asculta admin. Wink

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