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You must resprect all L2ARAD server staff.
No bug exploiting (Grief buffing players in town, sniping etc)
Do not impersonate staff
Do not use modification or third party scripts/programs (L2walker)
No hateful nazi comments or racial slurs
Do not spam chat
Do not beg for adena or items (from GM)
Selling items to other players by real money not allowed on our server, players that will try to sell or buy items by real money will be banned without any warning
Sharing accounts is allowed but you are responsible for giving out your info
GMS do not restore lost or dropped items
Due wipe or rollback your chars or any other of your lost data will not be restored

Punishments could be:
-acc ban
-char deletion
-ban IP

If we consider it's necesary, we reserve the right to give punishments also to other accounts on the same ip,

Do not give items/adena/lvl unauthorised
Do not enchant weapons at all
Do not change your names/accounts
Do not recall players without their permision/ teleport yourself there instead
Do not give GM acces to other
Do not spawn/delete npcs without my knowledge
Do not modify any npcs status
At events you are allowed to give rewards only skills/quest items
Do not hit/kill anybody without his/her will
Anytime you must be polite and willing to help others
Do not jail/kick/ban without a reason posted up here
Do not threat ppl without reason even if you don't like them don't show it

Any player is asked to post a report with a printscreen of any GM acting against these rules.
Any report can be sent in the report area with a proof (printscreen).
We reserve the right to add/modify some of these rules anytime.

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