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What is Lineage II?
Experience an immersive and dramatic fantasy world known for its unique political and economic systems.

Engage in regular castle sieges, exciting monster encounters, and epic clan vs. clan warfare.

You'll need tenacity, cunning, and strategy to survive!

Lineage II offers the world's elite MMO players a hardcore Player vs. Player experience and is also a great value. Over 1.5GB of new content has been added since the April 2004 launch - all included as part of the regular monthly subscription.

Getting Started

You must have a PlayNC Master Account and a Lineage II game account in order to begin playing. Please see the Support Center for more details about getting started with a serial code purchase online. You can also purchase a code from Direct2Drive (US only), or find a copy of Lineage II at a retailer near you.

If you purchased a code online or would like to obtain the latest client, please visit FilePlanet to download the full game. Registration on the site is required, but the download is free to all registered users.

Check out the system requirements to make sure your computer can run Lineage II, and please read this page for more details about installing the game.

Once the game is installed and patched, you’re ready to begin! Enter your game account and password in the login screen to get started. If you are unable to log in due to a firewall or other problem, please visit the Support Center for troubleshooting.

Character Creation

You are now ready to choose a server and create your first character. If you aren’t sure which server is right for you, take a look at the "Server Personality" threads in each server forum on the official message board. This is a great time for you to register on the official message board and meet your fellow players!

Once you have chosen a server, it is time to create your character.

You can choose from a variety of hair styles, hair colors, and faces, but don’t worry – you’re not stuck with this combination forever! Players can craft special potions to change your appearance if you change your mind later.

Character Classes

As you begin, you can choose from a variety of races, and you will start your adventures as a fighter or a magic-casting mystic. Take a look at the Races, Classes, and Skills section on this web site to get an idea of what each class is like. Still can’t decide? Take advantage of the knowledge of your fellow players on the official message board and ask for opinions in the Player Questions forum.

In time, when you reach level 20, you will complete a quest for your first class transfer to a specialized class, and then complete a series of quests to choose another even more specialized class at level 40. At level 76, you can then quest to transition into the third and final class transfer.

Welcome to the World of Lineage II

Your character is created, and you’re all set to go! Take a look at the New Player Guide section on this web site for more information about the game interface and shortcuts.

You will begin with the tutorial for your race and class. In the tutorial, you will get a feeling for movement and combat in Lineage II. Click the ground to move your character.

If you prefer using the WASD keys to move, press Alt+X to open the System menu. Choose Options, and in the Game tab, click “Enter Chat”. Click OK to save your choice. The WASD keys will now move your character, and you must press the Enter key to enter text for chatting.

Please see this list of commands for chatting and more in game.

Once you complete the tutorial, you will be instructed to meet the Newbie Guide, an NPC who will continue to advise you in this new world. Be sure to take advantage of the Guide’s newbie buffs as you progress!

Items in Lineage II

As a beginner, you will also receive Soulshot: No Grade for Newbies or Spiritshot: No Grade for Newbies, depending on your class. Soulshots are for Fighter classes, and increase the amount of damage you inflict with your weapon. Spiritshots are for the magic-wielding Mystics, and increase the power of your spells. Be sure to take advantage of these powerful items!

You may notice that these newbie items are labeled “No Grade”. Weapons, armor, and special items are listed by “grade” to show the appropriate level for that item. Newbies and players under level 19 use items with No Grade. You will move up grades as you level.

D Grade: Level 20
C Grade: Level 40
B Grade: Level 52
A Grade: Level 61
S Grade: Level 76
If you try to use a weapon or armor that is too high a grade for your level, you will suffer various penalties to movement speed or attack – so stay within your grade!

Continuing Your Adventures

Have more questions about your account, your server and class, and more? Visit the PlayNC Support Center, this web site, official Lineage II fan sites, and the official message board to ask your question! Lineage II staff and players alike will gladly help you with getting started.


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