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WTS:3G Iphone/Nokia N97/Blackberry Bold/HTC Pro2/Eten DX900 Empty WTS:3G Iphone/Nokia N97/Blackberry Bold/HTC Pro2/Eten DX900

Post  gimme on Tue 19 May 2009, 16:50

We sell Various types of Notebook, GPS, Mobile phones and Ipods, Interested buyer should contact us with the below email,
Email: mgi_nextgeneration@hotmail.com
Email: mgi_nextgeneration@att.net

Apple iPhone
3G Apple iPhone (16GB)-->>$280usd
3G Apple iphone (8GB)-->>$250usd
Apple iPhone (16GB)-->>$200usd
Apple iPhone (8GB)-->>$180usd

Blackberry phone
Blackberry Curve 8900-->>$450usd
Blackberry Storm 9530-->>$430usd
Blackberry Storm 9500-->>$400usd
Blackberry Bold 9000-->>$350usd
Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220-->>$380usd
Blackberry Curve 8320-->>$330usd
Blackberry Curve 8310-->>$300usd

HTC phone
HTC Touch Pro2-->>$500usd
HTC Touch Diamond2-->>$400usd
HTC Touch Cruise 09-->>$380usd
HTC Touch HD-->>$350usd
HTC Touch Pro-->>$300usd
HTC Touch Diamond-->>$280usd
HTC Advantage X7510-->>$280usd

Nokia phone
Nokia N97-->>$500usd
Nokia N96 (16GB)-->>$300usd
Nokia 8800 Gold Arte-->>$400usd
Nokia 5800 XpressMusic-->>$300usd
Nokia 5130 XpressMusic-->>250usd
Nokia 7100 Supernova-->>300usd
Nokia N95 (8GB)-->>$280usd
Nokia N85-->>$260usd
Nokia 8800 Carbon Arte-->>$300usd
Nokia E71-->>$230usd
Nokia N79-->>250usd
Nokia N82-->>$240usd
Nokia N95-->>$200usd
Nokia N81 (8GB)-->>$250usd
Nokia N81-->>$220usd
Nokia E65-->>$200usd

Sony Ericsson phone
Sony Ericsson W995-->>$440usd
Sony Ericsson T707-->>$400usd
Sony Ericsson Idou-->>$500usd
Sony Ericsson W705-->>$240usd
Sony Ericsson T700-->>$350usd
Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1-->>$280usd
Sony Ericsson G900-->>$300usd
Sony Ericsson C905-->>$300usd
Sony Ericsson W980-->>$300usd
Sony Ericsson W960-->>$280usd
Sony Ericsson P1-->>$230usd
Sony Ericsson W890-->>$200usd
Sony Ericsson K850-->>$200usd
Sony Ericsson W890-->>$230usd

Motorola Phones
Motorola Razr2 V9x-->>$380usd
Motorola ZN200-->>$330usd
Motorola EM30-->>$300usd
Motorola A1800-->>$300usd
Motorola Z6w-->>$280usd
Motorola RIZR Z10-->>$300usd
Motorola ROKR E8-->>$300usd
Motorola Razr2 V9-->>$270usd
Motorola Razr2 V8-->>$230usd
Motorola RIZR Z8-->>$200usd

Samsung phone
Samsung i8910 Omnia HD-->>$400usd
Samsung Impression-->>$450usd
Samsung i770 saga-->>$400usd
Samsung T919 Behold-->>$430usd
Samsung i907 Epix-->>$400usd
Samsung M150-->>$340usd
Samsung i900 Omnia-->>$350usd
Samsung U800-->>$320USD
Samsung G900-->>$300usd
Samsung Serenata-->>$280usd
Samsung i780-->>$230usd
Samsung i550-->>$220usd
Samsung P520 Armani-->>$230usd

E-ten phone
Eten glofiish V900-->>$350usd
Eten glofiish X900-->>$350usd
Eten glofiish DX900-->>$400usd
Eten glofiish M810-->>$340usd
Eten glofiish M800-->>$280usd
Eten glofiish X800-->>$270usd

I-mate phone
I-mate 810-F-->>$400usd
i-mate Ultimate 9502-->>$350
i-mate Ultimate 8502-->>$320
i-mate JAMA-->>$280usd
i-mate Ultimate 9150-->>$280usd
i-mate Ultimate 8150-->>$260usd
i-mate Ultimate 7150-->>$220usd

Email: mgi_nextgeneration@hotmail.com
Email: mgi_nextgeneration@att.net


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